David Millwater is a partner of McNamara & Associates.

David Millwater is a partner of McNamara & Associates and manages the Wharf St Office, at Ipswich.

David was admitted as a solicitor in 2003 and began his career with McNamara and Associates as an articled clerk in 2001.

Since 2001 David has worked his way up in the firm, becoming a partner in 2009.

He has a wide background of legal knowledge in areas including personal injury law, family law, crime/traffic law and civil litigation.

David heads the firm’s family law practice while also continuing to mentor and practice in personal injury and criminal matters.

David has over ten years of practical experience in appearing on behalf of clients in Court, negotiating agreements to settle disputes, and getting results for clients on difficult matters.

Along with his Law degree, David completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geology at QUT.

David believes that plain and understandable legal advice is of great importance, as there is no point in legal advice if clients cannot use that advice to make their decisions.

When not in the office David can usually be found at home or at the Sunshine Coast with his young family. Less frequently, but as much as possible, David may also be seen on the slopes of New Zealand or Canada snowboarding. Don’t get him started about his heli-skiing trips or cycling; those are long conversations.

“Each case is different and needs to be weighed up in all of its circumstances and not handled like a robot on a production line” is how David approaches matters to ensure client’s needs are met and exceeded.

To arrange a meeting with David you should contact the Wharf St Ipswich Office on (07) 3812 2300

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