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Peter’s Rant

5 Day Work Conference – Modern Family

By | Peter's Rant

So what a week! I’ve been away on a 5-day work conference (a bit of learning and a bit of fun) and was delighted to be picked up from the airport by my Fiancée and 11-year-old daughter.

I was glad the public shaming on Facebook with pictures of my credit card statements had stopped and I could spend some quality time with my family.

The mood in the car seemed a bit edgy and quite tense.

I asked my Fiancée why she was so nervous which was strenuously denied and I retreated quickly as I saw the volcano rumbling in anticipation of an argument.

The tension continued to build all the way home.

I couldn’t work out why until I opened the front door of the house.

It looked like we had been robbed! The oversized 1990’s dining room table and chairs were gone, the funky egg chair I bought as a bachelor was missing, most of my clothes were neatly folded on the floor where the dining table had been.

There I was thinking, is this it? Are my bags packed and it’s time to head to the nearest Best Western?

Apparently, the videos my Fiancée had been posting on Facebook while I was away selling all my stuff was real.

I’ve been accused of being a hoarder which I strenuously deny despite the 13 umbrellas I’ve kept for a rainy day.

Thankfully all of this behavior was caused by that and I wasn’t being turfed out of the house…..

We have some great family lawyers here at McNamaras, luckily I’m not going to need one…. this time.

And Another Rant:

My family and I enjoy watching the tv show Modern Family. Apparently, there are some similarities between me and Ed Bundy’s character Jay and whilst she denies it, there is a small resemblance (without the accent but with the passion) between my Fiancée and his wife Gloria.

We watched a funny episode where JJay’sson and his partner talk about virginity.

Miss 11 pipes up “Dad what did he mean by losing his virginity?”

After a deep breath and short explanation a penny drops with Miss 11 “ohhh so that is why the call the Virgin Mary the Virgin Mary”

Peter’s Rant – Horror Stories – Happy Clients – Spooky!

By | Peter's Rant

We had a Wills file stress test workshop today with Lexon Insurance which is our insurer.

Some of the war stories that they described are quite scary. One example is quite topical. A Dad made a Will giving each of his children an amount of money that would pay out their HECS debt but because all of the assets in his Will were owned as joint Tenants with his wife there was no money to pay the children because all the assets automatically went to his wife on his death and there was no estate to distribute! We also learnt about the many different horror stories where people own assets like a rental property in a family trust and how things can go wrong if you don’t get a Will drafted properly. It makes sense to get a solicitor to properly review your assets and potential beneficiaries when making a Will so that what you want actually happens.


We have been doing staff reviews in the last few weeks and it has been great to see the good work our people have been doing and the accolades they get from client’s. We hope to post a few of these positive comments to give our great staff credit for the great work they do.


The story of the week however came from one of our solicitors in Ipswich and was reported in the local paper. Our new office at 88 Limestone St used to be a TAFE among other things and the location of her office is the same spot her grandmother did a course many years ago – a little spooky. Read it here

Peter’s Rant – A Meeting with Aveo – Social Media – File Reviews

By | Peter's Rant

August 2017

Kevin, Bekky and I had a meeting yesterday with Aveo about the facebook posts which was quite productive.

It seems their side of the story hasn’t been published by the media and the business of selling news is alive and strong. They have been working for some time on changes to their standard contract to make it clearer and be industry best practice before the introduction of any statutory requirements and have given us a copy of the contract which we are keen to review. Ultimately these contracts are all about what happens when the resident leaves the Aveo community in terms of financial benefit and the time to receive it. We look forward to reviewing the contract and its new protections for residents.

Another timely reminder about social media

I had a photo taken many years ago which was published by an ex employee on Facebook. It wasn’t a compromising photo but I did look like a bit of a goose. An important reminder that once it’s been captured digitally it can be used over and over again….

We are part of a Qld Law Society file review program which is an initiative to ensure the work we do is top quality and done on time.

As part of the program we have an independent review of four files for each of our lawyers every 8 weeks. It is a time consuming task but helps us pick up any issues before they become problems.


Peter’s Rant – Bad Advice, Community Events & New Ipswich Premises

By | Peter's Rant

July 2017

We have a facebook page and a couple of our lawyers have access to post updates on what we are up to and what community events we are attending and contributing to.

Two of our Ipswich lawyers went to the opening of Aveo at Springfield and one of them posted about how amazing the new property looked and looked like they were giving a recommendation for people to go there. It caused a bit of a facebook frenzy because FB users of the Four Corners report which came out a couple of days later (sheesh you couldn’t pick worse timing for such a post…) and people thought we had some relationship with them which we don’t. A very tricky situation to deal with. We don’t have any relationship with them. They aren’t a client of ours, nor do they refer work to us and we don’t pay or get any kickbacks from them for anything – it’s interesting to see how quickly a facebook post can turn sour. People on facebook were making all sorts of claims about Aveo and also about why we would promote them. Needless to say it was a tricky situation trying to be sure not to be seen to critical of the facebook posters, Aveo or our staff whose genuine enthusiasm for a building seemed to the outside world to mean a lot more than it did. A cautionary tale for businesses to be careful what you say about people and organisation in social media…

We have now been in our new Ipswich premises for about a month

The positives are the huge amount of space we now have (we were a bit cramped at the old offices and the reason for the move was to get more space), we have the staff from two offices together now so it’s a bit easier to coordinate work, clients and staff.

We are still trying to sort out a few things from getting our signage right so people can find us in the complex, getting technology issues right with a few crackly phones and upgrading our IT to stay at the forefront of technology.

June 2017

A client came in this week and collected her Will and took it home and shredded it.

The client lives in a retirement village and a Commissioner of Declarations (like a JP) had told her to do this because they said that her Will left everything to the lawyers who had prepared it (it didn’t). She did a new Will and Enduring Power of Attorney with the Comm Dec and went to get her son to witness the EPA. He saw that the Comm Dec had blank spots in the Will and the EPA wasn’t drawn up properly and told her to come and see us for advice about it. It turns out the Comm Dec has been doing this for lots of residents of the same retirement village and stuffing up all of those peoples wills. Now we need to work out how we can protect those people without breaching client confidentiality – our client doesn’t want to do a statement about it because of the repercussions they might get from the Comm Dec or other residents of the village. He isn’t a lawyer but is giving legal advice and obviously bad advice.