Peter Wilkinson is the Managing Partner of McNamara & Associates.

Peter Wilkinson
Managing Partner

10 / 88 Limestone St
PO Box 359

TEL: (07) 3816 9555
FAX: (07) 3816 9500

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21 August 2017 in Peter's Rant

5 Day Work Conference – Modern Family

So what a week! I’ve been away on a 5-day work conference (a bit of learning and a bit of fun) and was delighted to be picked up from the…
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11 August 2017 in Peter's Rant

Peter’s Rant – Horror Stories – Happy Clients – Spooky!

We had a Wills file stress test workshop today with Lexon Insurance which is our insurer. Some of the war stories that they described are quite scary. One example is…
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6 August 2017 in Peter's Rant

Peter’s Rant – A Meeting with Aveo – Social Media – File Reviews

August 2017 Kevin, Bekky and I had a meeting yesterday with Aveo about the facebook posts which was quite productive. It seems their side of the story hasn’t been published…
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30 June 2017 in Peter's Rant

Peter’s Rant – Bad Advice, Community Events & New Ipswich Premises

July 2017 We have a facebook page and a couple of our lawyers have access to post updates on what we are up to and what community events we are…
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