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Robot Defendant Lawyers?

Although our firm has been looking after the legal needs of the people and businesses in the Ipswich and Lockyer Valley since 1923, we like to think that we are working at the cutting edge of technology.

Part of keeping up with today’s tech, we are astutely aware of how insurers are using technology to defend against claims by injured Queenslanders.

Now introducing KLAiM, the virtual defence lawyer. A global law firm is bringing to Australia a new internet based platform to help insurer defendants change their claims processes, with the intent for them to use lawyers less.

Originating in the UK, KLAiM has been designed with built in templates and guidance notes to help a claims handler navigate through the complex litigation process. With its knowledge base, KLAiM can generate court documents and apparently replace most tasks which an insurer defendant might use a lawyer.

In the UK it is boasted that KLAiM has helped settle in excess of 80% of claims without the insurer defendant needing a lawyer.

With the introduction to Australia, KLAiM has been constructed around our Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (Queensland).

This global law firm is excited to bring the KLAiM technology to Australia. McNamara Law is excited to go head to head with a robot, although, it could be said, that dealing with some claims handlers is like dealing with a robot.

For more information about Personal Injury claims read our other articles available on our website https://www.mcna.com.au/compensation-law/  or call  our  injury lawyers on 13 58 28.

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