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Facts and figures about motor vehicle accidents

Each year the Motor Accident Insurance Commission publishes an overview of the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) injury insurance scheme for Queensland. We have read the report so you don’t have to:

  • Suncorp leads the insurance market, covering 43.27% of CTP insurance policies. This is followed by Allianz (25.67%), RACQ (23.66%), and QBE (7.4%).
  • In the month of June, 28,290 motorists switched CTP insurer, suggesting that there is greater interest in comparing the four CTP insurance policies.
  • Settlement of legally represented claims occurred within 19 to 30 months, with RACQ settling claims the fastest. Non-legally represented claims settled within 7 and 12 months (but this is not necessarily a good thing).
  • About 40% of claims settled before a Compulsory Conference. About 30% settled at the Compulsory Conference (or during the 14 day window that Mandatory Final Offers are open). The remaining 30% odd settled after filing a Claim with the Court. Very few ultimately go to Trial.
  • In the 16 to 25 year old age category, more females are injured in motor vehicle accidents than males. However, this balances out in the 26 to 35 year old group. For the 36 to 55s, females again have a slightly higher proportion, but switches for the 56 to 65 year olds. Females again take the lead for 66 and older.
  • Most car crashes happen between 3pm and 6pm on Mondays to Fridays. However, in terms of severity of injury, the worst of the car crashes happen on a Saturday morning, between 12am and 3am.
  • 74.7% of crashes result in only minor injuries. 12.1% are moderate, and only 6.5% of motor vehicle accidents result in serious injuries. The driver accounts for 61.7% of the injuries, with the passengers accounting for 6.2%. Pedestrians, motorcyclist and cyclists account for the balance.
  • 54.6% of crashes happen to cars travelling in the same direction. 20.7% are at intersections, and only 10.2% of crashes are a head on collision. About 7.7% are from people attempting some other manoeuvrer and the balance relates to pedestrians.
  • If the main injury were to be selected, leaving aside multiple injuries, the spine accounts for a whopping 79% of injuries, but only about 1.24% account for those serious injuries. 41% of injuries relate to the arms, and 28.6% to the legs. Neck injuries seem to only account for 0.7% of injuries, but makes up 3.55% of those serious injuries.

In Queensland, you have three (3) years from the date of injury or accident to file court documents or you will forever lose your right to make a claim. If time limits are approaching you should urgently seek legal advice.

For more information about car crash compensation claims read our other articles available on our website or call one of our injury compensation lawyers on 13 58 28. See one of our injury lawyers in Ipswich, Gatton, Springfield or Brisbane.


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