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Rebekah Sanfuentes

Rebekah Sanfuentes is a Director of McNamara Law

Rebekah was appointed as a Director of McNamara Law in 2023.  Her career at the firm began in 2003 as a legal receptionist upon her graduation from high school.  Rebekah’s journey through the ranks of McNamara Law was marked by dedication, hard work and a deep commitment to her clients.

Rebekah practices exclusively in the area of Wills and Estates.  Her outstanding knowledge in estate planning, estate litigation and estate administration matters quickly earned her recognition as one of the top succession lawyers in the region, having been awarded Queensland Law Society’s Regional Practitioner of the Year in 2021.  

Rebekah’s appointment as Director has brought a new era of growth and success to the firm.  Her legal journey from receptionist to secretary, law clerk, solicitor, associate, senior associate and now to become a Director of the firm is an inspirational tale of determination and achievement.  Her ability to help clients at what is often the most difficult time of their lives, combined with her friendly and approachable nature, has made her a respected figure amongst the legal profession and a much loved member of the community.  She has a passion for her craft and genuinely cares for her clients.

Outside of the office, Rebekah is a wife to her husband, Gerard, and mother to their two daughters, Gabriella and Sadie.  She lives locally and is very involved in the Ipswich and Greater Springfield community.   Rebekah enjoys spending quality time with her husband and daughters on the weekends, whether it be mum and daughter shopping dates, a trip with her girls to the nail salon or just some down time together as a family.  You will also find Rebekah on the sidelines of the netball courts on a weekend, coaching her daughter’s netball team.  Her ability to balance the demands of a thriving legal career with the responsibilities of motherhood is a testament to her determination and time management skills.

If you require assistance in the area of Wills and Estates, whether it be helping you navigate through the loss of a loved one, preparing your own Will and Power of Attorney or a contentious Will dispute, Rebekah is willing and capable to assist you.  Contact us today if you would like to arrange a consultation with Rebekah.

Some matters Rebekah has acted in:-

Re McDonald (unreported, Callaghan J, Supreme Court of Queensland, 15 September 2023) – a case where Rebekah successfully Probated a handwritten note as the Last Will of the deceased

Hughes v Trokic (unreported, Burns J, Supreme Court of Queensland, 16 June 2023) – a case where Rebekah successfully obtained a court ordered Will for a person who did not have testamentary capacity and where a Will had been executed by him while incapacitated and in questionable circumstances

Re McMahon [2022] QSC 236 – a successful defence of an application to rectify a will

AC v Department of Children [2021] QSC 64 – a case on setting aside an adoption with a view to then challenging an unfair will

Re Field QCAT GAA10450-21 – an application to overturn an Enduring Power of Attorney prepared for a person when he did not have capacity and in questionable circumstances.  Rebekah successfully had the previous EPOA reinstated

Haggarty v Wood (No 2) [2015] QSC 244 – the second part of this case where the Rebekah was successful on behalf of her client in obtaining summary judgment against a defendant who sought relief against her pursuant to a testamentary contract

Haggarty v Wood [2013] QSC 327 – a mutual wills/contract to make a will case where Rebekah successfully applied on behalf of her client to strike out the plaintiff’s Statement of Claim.  Rebekah’s application was made on the basis that the alleged contract to make mutual wills did not have any consideration moving from one of the parties and was not coupled with an agreement not to revoke the will.  A claim of undue influence was also struck out because it did not allege any material facts from which an inference of coercion/undue influence could be drawn.



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