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Every year (or 6 months) you need to renew your car registration. Built in to your registration is Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance held with Suncorp, RACQ, QBE or Allianz.

Traditionally, this insurance provides protection to the at fault driver against compensation claims from people injured in a motor vehicle accident. There have recently been changes to the CTP insurance scheme and insurance coverage is now offered to the at fault driver in an accident as well.

If certain injuries are sustained, the CTP insurers will pay a lump sum benefit to the at fault driver, subject to certain conditions.

Across the board, the policies do not cover psychiatric injuries, or if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The policies also do not cover police, motorcycle riders, or drivers under the age of 25.

On some policies, up to $5,000 is paid for immediate medical expenses, if the injured at fault driver is likely to have an injury listed in the schedule of benefits.

The scheduled injuries generally include:

  1. Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia;
  2. Paraplegia;
  3. Total loss of power of speech;
  4. Total loss of hearing;
  5. Partial or total loss of eyesight;
  6. Loss of one or more limbs;
  7. Total and permanent disablement; and
  8. Other injuries resulting in death.

Each of the policies offer different insurance terms, and different insured amounts. For further information about the policies, contact our injury lawyers on 13 58 28.

You might consider switching CTP insurers to have a policy that you would suit your personal circumstances.

But, there are important things to remember:

Although the insurer has the discretion to extend this time, it is important to notify the insurer of a potential claim as soon as possible, otherwise you may lose the right to claim on this insurance.

If you are the at fault driver in a motor vehicle accident, and have suffered one of the prescribed injuries, contact our injury lawyers on 1300 285 888 to see if you are able to claim on the at fault driver insurance policy.