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From 1 October 2019 a paper certificate of title (Title Deed) for a property will no longer be issued from the Queensland Titles Office and will cease to have any legal effect. This means that dealings e.g. transfer of title, can be registered in relation to a property without the need to produce a Title Deed. Title Deeds are no longer required and any protection that they provided against the registration of unauthorised dealings will no longer exist.

Remember that if a Title Deed for a property is held as any type of  security, you should consider if any steps  are required by you to ensure your interests are protected and legal.

Title Deeds do not have to be returned to the Queensland Titles Office. You are entitiled to hold onto the Title Deeds for historical and sentimental purposes.

If you become aware of any unauthorised dealings with your property, or have any questions regarding these changes please contact us on 1300 285 888.